Maternal Hemorrhage

Of the 4 million mothers admitted for childbirth in the United States each year, 1 in 20 mothers will experience bleeding. This health burden falls disproportionately on black and native women.

The lack of accuracy in current risk prediction and stratification leads to significant loss of time, money, resources, and more broadly, affects patients’ lives.


$2 billion

Direct costs of maternal hemorrhage in the U.S.

1 in 20

Mothers are affected by this problem


Mothers hemorrhage in the U.S. every year


Black women are over 3 times more likely to die from childbirth than white women.

Pregnancy-related maternal deaths have been rising in the US.

Therefore, we need to improve the standard of care with evidence-based, automated, and accurate risk predictions to guide clinical care for mothers.

Number of Pregnancy – Related Deaths per 100,000 Live Births

Our Solution

Maternal Hemorrhage Risk Assessment

NOMA AI is developing automated, patient-monitoring technologies for assessment and stratification of maternal hemorrhage risk.

Our innovative solution will create (1) improved assessment and categorization of hemorrhage risk derived from past patient data using machine learning solutions, realize (2) automated integration of information from multiple different EHR sources not considered in existing tools, and provide (3) continuous (real-time) risk assessment of hemorrhage and its severity.

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