Our Mission

NOMA AI is a medical technology startup building a new generation of real-time clinical decision support solutions to help prevent medical complications and adverse medical events.


$317 billion

Cost of adverse medical events to healthcare in the U.S and Europe


of patient hospitalizations are affected by these problems


Real Time Alerts

The NOMA AI Platform is designed to facilitate rapid-development and deployment of real-time predictive models at the bedside.

Maternal Hemorrhage

NOMA AI aims to develop a new automated and improved patient monitoring and alerting solution for real-time assessment and stratification of risk of maternal hemorrhage.

Our products help medical teams provide the right level of care to the right patient at the right time

NOMA AI Platform

NOMA AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to process patients’ clinical data and treatment plans in real-time to build intelligent clinical decision support and patient monitoring and alerting solutions that provide meaningful, informative and actionable insights to medical teams.

Real Time

A real time data processing and machine learning platform for development of patient monitoring solutions

Modular Design

A modular design that promotes extendability and reusability and enables rapid development of new solutions.

Seamless Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates into hospital EHRs and IT infrastructures

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