NOMA AI Platform integrates with hospitals' EHRs, monitors patients' clinical data, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer real-time, bedside predictive analytics solutions that provide meaningful, informative, and actionable insights to the medical teams.

Accurate, intelligent alerts can help the medical teams to provide the right level of care, to the right patient, at the right time.

Accurate and efficient processing of medical data faces many challenges due to inconsistency, noisiness, and high dimensionality. Our platform has been designed to seamlessly integrate into hospitals’ IT infrastructure in order to extract and process a wide range of patient information from electronic health records in a consistent manner. It also supports the real-time deployment of predictive models and clinical intelligence tools. Empowered by consistent and high-quality data, our platform can be used for the rapid development of solutions that can help improve clinical workflows and provide real-time patient monitoring and alerting solutions.

Modular Design

The NOMA AI healthcare platform follows modular software design practices allowing extensibility and reusability to minimize cost, enable rapid development and adapt to multiple environments.

Real-time Deployment

The NOMA AI platform is designed for efficient real-time deployment of predictive models and has been used and field-tested in the past to deploy near 100 machine learning models in real-time and across 15 ICUs and two hospitals.

We process more than 20,000 different clinical variables about a patient

EHR Agnostic

Our real-time pipelines are designed to be EHR agnostic by mapping extracted data from different hospitals and EHRs into a unified data format and codings terminologies.

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